#Q. Is the clay safe for my baby?

Yes, we made air dry nontoxic clay that is environmentally friendly and safe for babies.  We recommend rinsing and wiping your baby's hand & foot before & after taking the cute imprint.

#Q. Can i use kremah keepsake for as a gift for a new pet?

What a great idea - Yes, our keepsake is a perfect gift for babies, toddlers, and new household pets 

#Q. why is My acrylic glass front not clear - window portion is foggy?

Please peel off the protective film (covering the glass front) from any corner like a sticker. And, voila, the glass is crystal clear.  We added this protective film to avoid scratches the glass during shipping.

#Q. What are the frame size dimensions?

  • Frame: 11 X 9.1 X 0.8 inches = 28 X 23 X 2 cm

  • Pictures area: 2.75 X 2.75 inches each = 7 X 7 cm each

  • Clay: 6.3 X 4.7 inches = 16 X 12 cm

#Q. how many clay bags are included in the kit?

    Our kit comes with three bags of clay which is usually more than enough for the frame mold space provided. But in case you have any issues, please send us a quick message, and we find the best way to help you out.

    #Q. are there any tips to get the most out of my keepsake kit?

    Absolutely!  First, please check our tips page under products tab. Here are a few extra tips: 

    • Make sure your work area is dust free to avoid clay color change to a darker share
    • Make sure you knead for at least 4 minutes if not 5 minutes to get all the little invisible air bags our of the clay.  And please don't add any cream or oil to the clay because it will damage it
    • Wait until your baby is relaxed & maybe sleeping to take the imprints.  Press gently but firmly at the same time
    • Set the frame in a warm sunny area (not in a dark or damp spot as the clay will absorb moisture) for 48 to 72 hours to thoroughly dry

    #Q. Up to what age do you recommend for this kit?

    • Both hand AND foot for newborn 0-12 months
    • Kids handprint OR footprint 1-2 years (depending on baby's hand/foot size)